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Welcome to The Better Ending Story, where you get to do just that - create better endings for your own story, someone else's story, your relationship stories, your business stories, your significance stories. You get to ask questions (and have those questions answered!), help other people, gain ideas and insights, and get others to hold you accountable for doing what you said you would do. And if no one else helps you, I certainly will! As the owner of this site, I am also coach, trainer and mentor for all members.

The Better Ending Story supports you in raising value for your story, or stories, if you so wish. This is for building up, not tearing down. It is not for wishful thinking or idle flights of fancy. It is not for anyone to sow discord or indulge in putting others down, no matter how mildly that is manifested. Do note, I WILL hold you accountable to your word, and I WILL ask you hard questions when necessary. I will also take action to remove any person who indulges in tearing down others or forcing their own opinions on other members.

Do note that you are NOT here for CONTENT. You already have plenty of that. You ARE here to DO something WITH your content, and with the content shared by myself and others. We don't want spectators or bystanders, we want people who really want to create stories with better endings, so jump in and start swinging!

For a one-time fee of just S$30, get the chance to raise your value in leadership competencies, character competencies, dealing with difficult people, public speaking, making your meetings productive, creating clear strategy, and so on. 

Please register below. See you soon!

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